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Caliber: 9MM / .45 ACP; Capacity: 8+1; Semi-Auto / Single action Colt Wiley Clapp Series 70 Stainless Commander Talo Exclusive . The Colt Wiley Clapp CCO is a dandy pistol. Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander. The Long Branch Colt SAA P1840LBC One of 300. 1911 Colt 45 Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander. 800-606-0370 [email protected] × Items showing available on the website may not be in-stock at our stores. Your help is appreciated. You still pay the normal price, our commission comes from their profit, so you have nothing to lose, while we have something to gain. Easily concealed and carried, reliable and accurate, the Wiley Clapp CCO 1911 pistol from Colt is … G10 VZs (I like smooth 320s quite a bit) may well fit the bill here, but keep in mind that you will want to add a small #60 o-ring -- available at any home supply store -- under each grip screw when you install them. 1-13. Grips for the Wiley Clapp commander Colt. The Colt Commander is a family of 1911 semi-automatic pistols chambered in a number of calibers. Colt O9840WC Concealed Carry Officers. O4840WC Wiley Clapp Commander .45. Combat Unit Series. The Colt Wiley Clapp 1911 is a masterpiece in firearm design inspired by gun writer, Wiley Clapp and brought to you by the legendary gunsmiths at Colt. Delta Elite Series. Rifles. Your help is appreciated. Find your Colt 1911 for sale at Omaha Outdoors. Colt pistols are proven firepower for competition, concealed carry or home defense. Colt Custom Shop. No, Wiley Clapp's name isn't scrolled on it. The upswept beavertail grip safety and oval grips with fingerprint checkering pair comfort with style. Competition Series. I have a Clapp purchased 2 months ago my slide rocks left to right the only 1911 I own that does that. 1,575.00. That’s lightweight, and it really is. WILEY CLAPP COMMANDER 45ACP BL. Gun Review: Colt Wiley Clapp Stainless Commander 1911 U.S. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted colt wiley clapp at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Bid on this One-of-a-Kind Colt 1911 to Benefit USA Shooting A very special One-of-a Kind Colt. 2,200.00. Revolvers. If this is your first visit, be sure to The exception to that is the TALO-exclusive Colt Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander, a lightweight, carry-friendly, Commander-style 1911 designed with input from respected gun writer Wiley Clapp. Shop for Low Price Colt 1911 Commander Wiley Clapp And Colt 1911 Government 9mm For Sale . All Steel Wiley Clapp Commander .45 O4040WC. Its a semi-auto, single action. M4 Carbine Series. This renowned Colt Wiley Clapp series 70 is crafted with features that come together flawlessly, transforming the shooter to a … TALO is fortunate to have some well known and talented engravers work on their designs. comes with 4.250 inch stainless steel bbl, blackwood custom checkered grips, gold dot front sight & novak rear sight. The M1911 Pistols Organization Forums Site Help; Remember Me? ... Colt Wiley Clapp Commander Full Stainless 4.25" Pistol 45 ACP 8 RD MPN: O4040WC. Group better, shoot better enjoy more with the Colt Wiley Clapp 1911. colt "wiley clapp" commander 45acp talo exclusive. On the other hand, I hope that it reviews about it Colt 1911 Western Holster And Colt 1911 Wiley Clapp Commander Reviews will end up being useful. Whatever you buy from them, gives us a small commission, which helps us keep these sites alive. The whole Wiley Clapp thing is largely overdone. Master Engravers, Lee Griffiths, Brian Pawley, Ben Lane, Ray Armand, David Riccardo have all provided designs for TALO projects. Copyright © 2014 TALO Inc, Powered by: Squarespace, Site Design by PDMG, Colt Aztec Empire O1911C-38AZT One of 500, Lisa Tomlin Colt .45 One of 400 O1070A1CS-TLD, Colt Gustave Young Engraver Series O1970A1CS VJC, Colt Aztec Jaguar Knight - Aztec II O2991-LMA 1 of 400, O1991-MT GOVERNMENT MODEL, 5" BARREL, 45 ACP, SERIES 80, MCMILLAN TAN CERAKOTE, Colt Violet Defender .45 - O7800XE-AP 1 of 200, Bead Blast Light Weight Commander Series 70 O4840T-BB, O1970A1RFC - Ray Armand Jr edition. out of stock (0) rug talo sr45 45acp thrd bbl blued wiley clapp 10. out of stock (6) ruger 1753 gp100 hgp-331-nvk 6rd 357mag/38sp +p 3" talo exclusi. Commander Series. One a 1991A1 blued Commander and the other the Wiley Clapp Commander. M4 Magpul Series. Wiley Clapp Series. Colt Wiley Clapp Commander 4.25" Pistol 45 ACP 8 RD 999.99. Colt Wiley Clapp 1911 Pistol - Features fingerprint checkered wood in the grip for easy placement. The Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander O4840WC is a Talo exclusive Series 70 Style commander designed by Wiley Clapp. This is the left side and there is virtually nothing on the right side of the slide. Traditional Series. The Wiley Clapp Colt Commander .45 ACP doesn’t have a number of the features that are common on today’s combat pistol, as he does not believe that a true combat handgun needs such devices. If you intend to buy something from Brownells, please use their banners above. If you want to become a sponsor and see your banner in the above panel, click here to contact us. TALO's 50th, Light Weight Army Commander .38 Super O4540XSE, Cerakote & Anodized Defenders - short runs, Wiley Clapp Lt Weight Commander 9mm O4842WC, Army Green Defender .45 1 of 400 ( O7000DZG ), O1070A1LDN Colt Nimschke Engraver's Edition, 2016 USA Shooting Team Wiley Clapp 1911 ( One of a Kind), Colt .45 Limited O1070A1LTD One of 400, All Steel Wiley Clapp Commander .45 O4040WC, Colt Stone Grey Defender .45 O7000DZ and Stone Grey Gov't, The Long Branch Colt SAA P1840LBC One of 300, Colt O2091LTD Brian Powley Colt Engraver Series, 04840WC Wiley Clapp Commander .45 - Update, THE NEW COMMANDER .45 DESIGN BY WILEY CLAPP. has blue steel slide and black alloy frame. With the factory's cooperation, TALO editions have caught the attention of  a wide range of Colt collectors. Industry Announcements and Press Releases, Questions and Suggestions about M1911.ORG sites, Your Opinion about M1911.ORG and its sites, More than one of the above (questions pertaining to more than one brands), US Military Issue M1911 and M1911A1 Pistols, Commercial Colt Government Model, Ace, SM Ace, Super .38 and Commander pistols. Python Series. Buy Colt Wiley Clapp LW commander Talo 1911 45acp: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 879285279 out of stock (0) rug talo sr45 45acp thrd bbl ss wiley clapp 2-10r. XTP load (and the 8-round Wilson magazine as a spare) the WC CCO inspires confidence. Colt was TALO's first limited edition partner in the late 1990s. I have to be honest it is the worse quality 1911 I own or have own. SKU: O1911WC Inspired and built with legendary gun writer Wiley Clapp, this gun features a Series 70™ Firing System paired with a traditional carbon steel blued frame and slide. General Historical Issues out of stock. AR-15 Military Classics. You still pay the normal price, our commission comes from their profit, so you have nothing to lose, while we have something to gain. He was a solid writer with some decent ideas for a battle pistol, but the basic Talo magwell design isn’t the exciting part here. Colt Commander Wiley Clapp 1911 Talo (O4840WC) Features: Series ’70 style action with no firing pin safety and improved trigger pull; Alloy receiver for a light pistol that carries easy; Original style small safety, slide lock and magazine catch, no extensions; Front & rear slide serrations; Long black trigger, flat S&A mainspring housing Single Action Army Series. No, the big deal with the Colt Wiley Clapp LW Commander is the Lightweight Commander part. 1911 Pistols manufactured for foreign Governments either in US or outside US. Also available in 9mm (O4842WC). Out of Stock. Precision Defense, LLC In the handgunning world, a Commander is a slightly shorter, lighter version of Colt‘s legendary Model 1911 … Cobra Series. 1,300.00. Colt O1970A1WC Wiley Clapp Gov't 1911. Gold Cup Series. Please contact us if you have a question. My expectation was that I would probably like the WC a little more than the plain jane Commander because of the custom features. Price: $1,185.00. If you intend to buy something from the companies advertising above, or near the bottom of our pages, please use their banners in our sites. Each pistol in the series is designed with unique looks and features. With one of the flush fit Colt magazines and 7+1 rounds of Wilson Combat’s 200-gr. 1911 Colt 45 Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander. Whatever you buy from them, using those banners, gives us a small commission, which helps us keep these sites alive. Combat Elite Series. 1,300.00. As it turned out, I had a slight preference for the 1991! description: new colt 1911 wiley clapp light weight commander p/n o4840wc in .45 acp, with single action trigger. The Wiley Clapp 1911 enhanced by Pete Single now up for auction on … It carries and conceals easily, yet has enough heft and size to feel like a real pistol is the hands, and brings to the fight the reliability, accuracy, and power of the 45 ACP in the 1911 design, in a package that has, in the words of Mr. Clapp, "Everything you need, and nothing you don't." check out the. The company nomenclature is "21st Century Commander" and it is a well thought-out very update 1911 with all the goodies you need and none that you don't...at least according to Clapp. Gunsmithing, Troubleshooting & Refinishing, M1911 Disassembly and reassembly animations, Tests of Products of general shooters interest, Airsoft/Air Gun Modifications, Troubleshooting and Maintenance. King Cobra Series. COVID-19 ALERT. Wiley Clapp’s voluminous practical experience is the basis of his opinions on guns, their use and what features they should have. Store Locations. Notify Me. Commercial Colt Government Model, Ace, SM Ace, Super .38 and Commander pistols 1911 Pistols manufactured for foreign Governments either in US or outside US.

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